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Plastic Sparkle Wristband - Yellow 400 x 600
Plastic Sparkle Wristband - Neon Pink 400 x 600

Plastic Wristbands – Customizable, Durable and Ideal for Any Event

Pick any color or pattern and tailor your wristband for any occasion, ideal for multi-day events

Wristbands are the ideal solution to your crowd control and ticketing needs. Gone are the days of long queues and tedious ticket checking. By using wristbands at your events, you can make life a whole lot easier – but with so many types to choose from, which is the best for you?

Tyvek might be the most popular wristband type, but plastic wristbands also have their advantages. These often come with a plastic snap fastener, which isdesigned to be used only once, however if you’re more of a green person or you need a wristband you can use on a more regular basis, then you can get reusable snaps ontrilaminate wristbands.

Flexible Options

If your wristband needs are more long-term, then you can get a reusable snap with a metal press-stud, which is often coupled with a PVC wristband. This means that the user can remove the wristband whenever necessary, which is a great option for those working at an event on a regular basis and don’t necessarily want to wear their event home with them.

Say you want to give your staff working backstage at an event a unique wristband to let them in and out of the staff entrance without getting everything bogged down with identifying them, then these reusable wristbands make a great alternative.

Long Life Wristband

While Tyvek wristbands are ideal for short term or one-off events, if you need one with a longer lifespan, then plastic wristbands are the way to go.

Equipped with a permanent snap closure, that can be pre-adjusted to fit any wrist, this wristband is tamperproof and impossible to transfer, which means that those attending an event cannot simply give their wristband to someone without a ticket, and assure you of the security of the event.

The only way to remove the wristband is to cut or physically break the snap – meaning it’s impossible to reuse.

Meeting your security needs

Different events require different levels of security, and our PVC and trilaminate wristbands are ideal for both security and identification purposes. At Mangobloom, we can customize each with text, images and even imprints, and since plastic is durable, you can use it in multiday events.

Printing and Customized Wristbands

A big part of running a successful business is the company’s branding, and printing customized wristbands can take your event toan extra professional level. With a logo or text on a wristband, you’re able to define your company’s brand.

But beyond corporate aesthetics, printing on your wristband can aid with your security needs – you could include a bar code, a coded number or a security symbol to avoid duplication.

The method of printing on the wristband should account for how long the wristband will be worn for – are you going to use it for a day or several days? We can recommend the ideal printing method that best fits to your event.

Wide band plastic wristbands can also give a large custom printing area to display company logos and sponsorship exposure, which could add an extra benefit to your company.


An intensive event, like a concert or a multiday festival means that the wristband will go under a good deal of stress and strain. The plastic wide face wristbands we have here at Mangobloom are made up of stretch and tear resistant material that comes with enhanced durability.

Are Plastic Wristbands for You?

Plastic wristbands take a lot of hassle out of managing your event security and admission, so have a look at the top 5 reasons you should go plastic:

  1. They’re durable and ideal for multi-day events
  2. They’re waterproof
  3. They’re tamper proof
  4. They’re customizable
  5. They’re adaptable

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